Egyptian artist depicts football stars as Coptic saints

Illustrations of Egyptian football stars as Coptic Christian icons cause a stir Alexandria-based artist Ahmed El-Sabrouti has created portraits of famous footballers of the Egyptian national team, including Mohamed Salah, in the style of Coptic Christian icons, footage filmed on Thursday shows. «The project aims to introduce Coptic art, its characteristics, its form and its simulations by... Еще linking it to the features and faces of the famous players in the Egyptian team,» El-Sabrouti said. The images, however, have drawn some criticism. El-Sabrouti claimed to have received angry messages from people who say the art it is an insult to Christianity. To his critics, he said «this is not true, as Coptic art is an Egyptian art, the word Coptic itself means Egyptian, in addition, art is a human heritage, and everyone has the right to be affected by it, learn from it, and try to emulate it.»

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