Egypt: Outcry as highway segment blocks sunlight for dozens of residential buildings

A series of highway segments and overpasses under construction in Cairo have disrupted the lives of many residents along the routes, as the ill-placed blocks of concrete almost completely abut residential buildings. One such behemoth is a segment of bridge that intends to connect existing lines in the al-Haram district of Cairo, which obstructs views for apartments below it, and appears to be... Еще within arms reach of residential balconies. «The damage in the first, second and third floors is that light or sunlight has been prevented from entering it, the apartments have become dark. On the fourth floor the apartments were converted into a warehouse and completely destroyed, and on the fifth, sixth and seventh floor there will be unbearable noise. All the fourth floors of the buildings here have been destroyed,» said Osama Fayez, one resident whose flat has been affected by the project. Mahmoud Nassar, the head of the Central Agency for Construction in Egypt, has said that funds have been allocated to compensate residents who will be negatively impacted by construction. Though the legality of the project is still in question, according to reports, much of the impact has already been realised without the presence of vehicles passing.

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