Egypt: Mohammed Salah lookalike struggling with new fame

An Egyptian engineer with an uncanny resemblance for Liverpool striker Mohammed Salah is besieged by fans as he walks around Giza on Friday. Ahmed Bahaa bears such a striking similarity to the football legend that it confuses his own son and he gets mobbed so much that he can no longer enjoy going out with his family. Bahaa didn't always look so similar to Salah: «I was not convinced at the... Еще beginning when many people said that I look like Mohammed Salah and some of them asked me to raise my hair to be more like him so I decided to travel to meet him at his house, and when I entered his village for the first time I was surprised that the people deal with me as I am Mohammed Salah, they did not notice that I am only like him, I could not tell them that I was just like him. No one was convinced.» Ever since then, he has embraced his stunning resemblance with Salah. However, there is a backside to this: «Sometimes when I go out with my children and my wife I cannot enjoy going out and find a lot of people gathering and gathering around me. If this happens in front of my friends there is no problem but the problem is happening while going out with my wife, so I cancelled for many times going out with my wife.» Bahaa, who is an engineer, said that he looks so much like Salah that sometimes people don't believe him when he says that he's not the Liverpool striker. Even his own son confuses him with the footballer: «my son Yassin, [who] has a year and a half, when he watches ads of Salah on TV he still shouts 'papa…papa', I do not know yet [if] he loves me or loves Mohammed Salah, who he sees on television.» Salah is at his first season with Liverpool and was influential in their qualification for the Champions League final against Real Madrid.

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