Egypt: Archaeologists unveil 16 ancient tombs of high priests

Archaeologists unveiled 16 ancient Egyptian tombs located at the Al-Ghoreifa site in Minya Governorate, on Thursday. Footage shows the sarcophagi and other artefacts that the tombs contained, as well as mummies and skulls. «The cemetery is a family tomb containing nine sarcophagi made of stone and five ground burials. In it, we found about 1500 ushabti figurines, 150 amulets from the late 26th... Еще, 27th dynasty. But the mummies are in poor condition and the embalming is bad,» said Walid Amr, a member of the Egyptian mission in the in Al-Ghoreifa Antiquities area. The tombs reportedly date from 664-399 BC and are believed to belong to high priests of Toth, one of the ancient Egyptian deities, god of wisdom, science, magic and art.

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