Egypt: 'A violation of UN principles' — Arab League condemns Turkey's offensive in north Syria

The foreign ministers of the Arab League held an emergency meeting in Cairo on Saturday, where they voted on a resolution condemning Turkey's offensive in northern Syria, saying it is «a clear violation of the UN principles.» «The Turkish aggression aims to cut off an area of Syrian land with a depth of up to 32 kilometres, and a length of more than 400 kilometres, and seeks to uproot the... Еще population of this land and then replace others from their refugees,» said Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary-General of the Arab League. Gheit also said there were «fears of a possible ethnic cleansing of Kurds in this region.» In addition, he said that there was a «threat to the achievements of the war against ISIS,» with more than 12,000 militants being imprisoned in the area that «Turkey seeks to occupy.» The Secretary-General also urged the UN Security Council, «to shoulder its responsibilities on this dangerous subject by working more seriously to achieve a united international position by condemning, stopping and removing the consequences of this aggression.» Various foreign members took their turns to address the participants of the meeting, underlining their condemnation for Turkey's operation and demanding its immediate cessation out of fear for a larger humanitarian crisis. Turkey's operation in Kurdish-controlled northern Syria continues, with clashes between advancing Turkish forces and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) taking place close to Syrian border towns.

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