Eerie train graveyard gives glimpse into golden age of Soviet steam trains

Dozens of Soviet steam trains that reached the end of the line were condemned to rust and rot in, as known locally, a “train graveyard” near the village of Shumkovo in the Perm Region. Footage shot on Wednesday puts them in the spotlight once again. Located next to a working train depot, the graveyard is home to 17 abandoned steam trains built from 1951-1961. In Soviet times, the depot was a... Еще classified installation and the trains were kept in working order should the time arise when they would be needed again. However, with the dawn of more efficient diesel trains in the mid-70s, the old 'Lebedianki' (named after rail engineer L.S. Lebedianskii) were left to be ravaged by the elements, looted by thieves and inhabited by local wildlife. However, these trains may not have completely run out of steam just yet as the location has become popular among locals and tourists, serving as an unofficial outdoor museum.

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