Ecuador: VP Glas defiant after President Moreno strips him of powers

Rival groups of protesters argued outside the Presidential Palace in Quito, Ecuador, after President Lenin Moreno relieved his running mate Jorge Glas of his functions as vice president, Thursday. Glas, of the leftist PAIS Alliance party, had reportedly criticised Moreno’s economic policies, saying certain proposals «would lay the foundation for a state of corruption.» The president responded by... Еще signing a decree removing the vice president from his functions and duties, accusing Glas of not “serving the country in a united effort.» The vice president gave a press conference on being stripped of his powers, stating «I have been retired from my duties. For giving my opinion. For criticising, for denouncing, for telling the truth.» «I am the elected vice president, constitutionally speaking. I will end my term,» he added. The Ecuadorian constitution states that a president cannot remove a sitting vice president who has been elected by popular vote, with a trial in the national assembly, the only method of removing a vice president, has already been ruled out. Moreno's predecessor, Rafael Correa, has also been critical of the president and voiced his support for Glas.

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