Ecuador: Students and workers rally for anti-government protest in Quinto

Demonstrators took to the streets of Quito on Thursday to protest the government and its response to the coronavirus pandemic. They were seen marching with signs while chanting slogans, under the supervision of a large police presence. A riot truck could be seen stationed by the rally. A protester, Megan Cordova, said that “the increase of poverty, the misery, people having nothing to eat, have not access to health system, that our families are dying, makes people take to the streets.” A street vendor took a megaphone during the protest and said that authorities “don't see that if we go out to work in the streets is because we have not other income source. We have to go out everyday to the streets because we need to provide for our children, to our homes.» According to reports, riot police dispersed the peaceful march, as demonstrators were reaching the Central Bank of Ecuador.

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