Ecuador: Outrage at high-profile cases of rape and femicide

Demonstrators shut off one of Quito's main avenues on Sunday to protest violence against women following two high-profile cases of rape and murder in the space of a week. Protesters expressed their outrage at the murder of a pregnant woman, who was stabbed by her boyfriend after a police negotiation went wrong this Saturday, as well as the gang-rape of a woman, who was drugged by three men while... Еще celebrating her birthday, the week before. Women and men held up signs in solidarity with the victims and chanted slogans against gender-based violence. «The indignation we feel for Martha [the name used to hide the rape victim's identity] we cannot stop. We cannot let judges free rapists, shielding them behind excuses like mental illness or pretending that nothing has happened. We need laws to be enforced,» said Carolina Leguisamo Guevara, a protester at the rally. The cases sparked social media hashtags #TodasSomosMartha, meaning 'We are all Martha' in Spanish and #NoEsNo, 'No is No' with people offering words of support to Martha. It comes as the National Assembly debates on whether to legalise abortion in cases of rape.

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