Ecuador: Moreno suggests time is up for Assange

SOT, journalist (Spanish): «Maybe you thought about any strategy to move Assange?» SOT, Lenin Moreno, President of Ecuador (Spanish): «Perfect, that's where I was going to. We've talked to the British government, whom we were supposed to talk to from the beginning. Asking them to guarantee what we want regarding the human right to life for Julian Assange, that they guarantee his life. That they... Еще guarantee he won't be extradited to any place where his life is in danger or death penalty. And, coincidentally, we received an official letter from the UK government explaining that their constitution does not allow a person to be extradited to a place where his life is in danger. Meaning, there is a clear path available for Mr. Assange to take the decision and leave into near freedom. And I say 'near freedom' because don't forget that he did not show up in British courts and has to serve a not-long-time for that. That is for the British justice to decide. We have talk to the lawyers and said this are the conditions and they are considering them.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno said that there was a 'path' for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to leave the South American Embassy in London, at a press briefing in Quito on Thursday. «There is a clear path available for Mr. Assange to take the decision and leave into near freedom,» Moreno said in an interview with local radio stations. He noted that Assange would serve time in the United Kingdom for violating bail conditions when he sought asylum to avoid extradition to Sweden, where authorities wanted to question him over bail conditions. Moreno stressed that the jail time would be «not long» and revealed that his government had received a letter from UK authorities confirming that the Wikileaks founder would not be extradited to a country where his life was in danger. «I think 6 years is too much time for a person to stay almost imprisoned inside an embassy,» he added. Assange maintains that he will be handed over to the United States where he wanted on numerous charges relating to the leaking of thousands of classified US military documents. The comments were made on the same day that a new ambassador in London was appointed. Assange's legal are said to be considering the latest developments.

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