Ecuador: Indigenous group march to save ancestral land from oil exploration

Indigenous people from the Ecuadorian Amazon marched in Ecuador's capital Quito on Thursday, demanding the government to refrain from oil extraction on their ancestral lands in the Yasuni National Park. The protesters, who wore their traditional outfits, sang and played drums, while carrying banners reading 'We defend the forest'. «They are poisoning our lands. We will not allow that. The fight... Еще goes on, now it is time to unite. Together we will fight till death. We are willing to sacrifice our lives to defend for the Waorani people and for the world's sake,» said indigenous leader Nemonque Nenquino while giving a speech. An Ecuadorian court recently ruled in favour of protecting the rainforest, but the verdict will be appealed and could change the fate of the Waorani people, known as jungle keepers and warriors.

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