Ecuador: Gay pride parade and anti-same sex marriage demo hit the streets of Quito

Thousands of people attended a Gay Pride Parade in Quito on Saturday, just over two weeks since the Constitutional court approved same sex marriage in country, which also prompted a counter-demo of those opposed to the decision. LGBT demonstrators can be seen marching through the streets, waving rainbow flags, dressed in drag, and donning body paint. Meanwhile, demonstrators opposed to same... Еще-sex marriage marched through the streets carrying signs on their backs in support of traditional family values and waving Ecuadorian flags. «Basically, we are protesting against what the Constitutional Court decided. It is not possible for a judge to motivate another four [judges] and win against the others. The Ecuadorian Constitution's fundamental structure establishes marriage between a man and a woman,» said one protester. Participants were challenging the recent ruling by the Constitutional court, which they say paves the way for the redefinition of marriage and violates article 67 of the Constitution that defines marriage as the union between a man and woman.

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