Ecuador: Colombian govt and ELN rebels reach ceasefire deal

The Colombian government and the rebel group National Liberation Army (ELN) reached a ceasefire deal, announced head of the Colombian government delegation Juan Camilo Restrepo. The bilateral agreement will begin October 1 and run for 102 days initially. Restrepo noted that, during the period of the ceasefire, the ELN «commits to suspending all types of abductions of Colombian citizens or... Еще foreigners,» as well as stopping «all types of sabotage to the physical infrastructure» and carrying out «recruitment of minors or children» as «for the purposes of international humanitarian law.» «And finally, during the period of the ceasefire there will also be no planting of explosive instruments — which in Colombia we call 'antipersonnel mines' — that can affect the civilian population,» he added. Colombia has experienced 53 years of armed conflict between the Colombian government, armed guerrilla movement Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Marxist-Leninist group ELN. Inspired by the Cuban revolution of 1959, the ELN was officially formed in 1964 with the aim of combating the unequal distribution of land and wealth throughout the country.

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