Ecuador: Bishop blesses Guayaquil from helicopter amid coronavirus pandemic

Auxiliary Bishop of Guayaquil, Giovanni Battista Piccioli, flew over the city on Thursday in a helicopter to bless it during the coronavirus pandemic on the occasion of Holy Week. «We have the confidence in Lord, he will not abandon us and that is why we asked to be able to make this flight over the city of Guayaquil, since it was impossible by land, following the request of many priests, many... Еще people, faithful and groups who asked for this blessing,» Battista explained. According to reports, the Apostolic Nuncio to Ecuador, Andres Carrascosa, also flew over the cities of Quito, Ibarra, Latacunga, Ambato and Riobamba to bless them. On Friday another flight over the city of Guayaquil is expected, as the Catholic Church asked the faithful to place images of Jesus and Mary to commemorate Holy Week and upcoming Easter, because the traditional processions had to be suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak. Guayaquil is the city most affected by the COVID-19 in the country, which has registered a total of 4,965 cases and 272 deaths to date, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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