Ecuador: Assange showed 'reprehensible behavior' while in embassy — Ecuadorian FM

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ecuador, Jose Valencia, addressed the National Assembly of Ecuador on the decision to revoke the asylum of Julian Assange in Quito on Thursday. Valencia justified the decision by saying that Assange «exhibited reprehensible behavior during his stay in the embassy, repeatedly violating rules of the special protocol.» Valencia denied that the decision was made... Еще under foreign pressure, adding that it was finally taken once «Great Britain gave written guarantees to Ecuador that Mr. Assange won't be extradited to a country where he could suffer the death penalty, torture or mistreatment.» He concluded by casting doubt on the way the administration of former president Rafael Correa granted citizenship of Ecuador to Assange, saying they found «multiple inconsistencies» that are being studied. Assange was arrested earlier in the day after Ecuador officially revoked his asylum status and allowed UK police to escort him from the Ecuadorian embassy in London and into custody. He was then taken to a British court, where he was found guilty of breaching bail and ordered to remain in custody until an extradition hearing next month.

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