Ecuador: 'All the rules of due process were violated' — Assange's lawyer on his arrest

The lawyer of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in Ecuador, Carlos Poveda, said that the activist's arrest contravenes all international laws and that due process was violated, while speaking in videoconference from Quito on Thursday. He mentioned an opinion issued by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights regarding the conditions regulating the end of asylum, saying that Assange should have... Еще been granted a preliminary interview and warned about the extradition's imminence. He also spoke about an alleged document related to the lawyers' requests for protection measures: «When we presented the request for protection measures, both the Foreign Minister and the State Attorney said there was an official document from the UK. We asked them to show the document, and they never showed it, they only showed a letter directed to Mr. Baltasar Garzon Real, as head of the international team that defends Mr. Assange. But the document from UK that Moreno mentioned doesn't exist, or at least has not been showed to the defense or the media.» Assange, who was found guilty of breaching his bail at Westminster Magistrates Court on Thursday, is facing up to 12-months in jail when he is sentenced at Crown Court. Mandatory credit to RT mandatory credit to rt

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