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Let’s see what economic news releases could be of interest to currency traders on the second trading day of this week, which is the 12th of September. A couple of August publications regarding the UK economy open this agenda, including the high importance Consumer Price Index. 12-month inflation rate was 2.6% in July, unchanged from June, but it’s expected to accelerate towards the 3% level this... Еще time around. Producer Prices is the other publication released at this time. They were close to unchanged in both the input and output terms in July. Food production continued to be the main source of upward contributions to input and output price inflation. US Small Business Optimism for August is up next at 10 AM. The Index rose by 1.6 points to 105.2 in July, continuing the surge in optimism that started the day after the elections. New Zealand Food Price Index update for August follows at a quarter to 11 PM. Prices slipped by point 2% in July, wiping out June’s increase. Australian Westpac-MI consumer sentiment report for September wraps up this agenda at a half past midnight GMT. The consumer mood has deteriorated over the past year with August marking the ninth consecutive month where pessimists are outnumbering optimists. I’m Jessica Walker and you’ve been watching the Dukascopy Economic Calendar for Tuesday. Click back for Wednesday’ overview, but for now, goodbye.

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