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Let’s find out what economic news events are on the agenda on this Wednesday, 5th of October. A batch of Services PMIs for September open the agenda and Italian stats are out first at 7:45 AM, followed by Finalized French figures five minutes later, Finalized German data at 7:55 and Finalized bloc’s stats at 8 o’clock. According to the flash release, Services activity index declined to 52.1... Еще, which is a 21 month low. UK release is the final one of the morning Services PMIs. A surprise surge took the index back above the 50 level in August. Euro Zone retail sales for August are up next at 9 o’clock. Sales jumped by 1.1% in July, but a slight correction is expected this time around. US ADP employment report follows at a quarter past noon GMT. Private-sector employment increased by 177 thousand from July to August, on a seasonally adjusted basis. US trade balance for August is out fifteen minutes later. The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis announced the goods and services deficit was 39.5 billion in July, down from 44.7 billion in June. Canadian trade stats for August are also released at the same time. Merchandise trade deficit with the world narrowed from a record 4 billion in June to 2.5 billion in July. A couple more reports regarding the US economy are out at 2 PM, including the high importance ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI for September. August brought a disappointing drop as the index headed sharply towards the 50 level. Factory orders for August is the other item scheduled at this time. Orders jumped in July, wiping out the decline of 1.8% posted in June. And last up for this calendar is Australian trade balance for August at a half past midnight. Deficit contracted in July from June’s level of 3.25 billion. I’m Sam Meredith and you’ve been watching the Economic Calendar for Wednesday. Click back for Thursday’s report, but for now, goodbye.

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