Eat your edibles tempura-style at this LA restaurant

Ever wanted to eat your weed instead of smoking it? Shibumi, a Los Angeles Japanese-inspired restaurant had the same idea when it turned cannabis leaves into a light appetizer on its menu. To preserve the iconic shape of the marijuana leaves, Shibumi chef David Schlosser decided to prepare the delicacy tempura-style, that is to prepare a light batter and dip and fry each leaf. «What I thought... Еще was the best was doing a tempura because it actually shows the shape of the leaf and you also have a nice flavour of cannabis at the same time,» said Schlosser. While patrons can enjoy the unique taste, there is little chance of getting high while indulging according to the chef: «getting high is actually not going to happen because the leaf has no THC [tetrahydrocannabinol] at all, zero. So it's all CBD [Cannabidiol] and you just have the flavour.»

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