East Jerusalem: Women of the Wall attempt to hold prayer amid reports of strip searches

A group of Israeli Jewish female activists, known as Women of the Wall, tried on Wednesday to hold prayers at the Western Wall in East Jerusalem. Women are currently not allowed to pray alongside men at the Western Wall, and are not permitted to pray aloud or use a Torah scroll at the site. An agreement was reportedly scrapped on Sunday by the Israeli government which would have created a new... Еще area of worship at the holy site where both men and women could have prayed alongside one another. The agreement was reached 17 months ago and was hailed by supporters as a breakthrough in religious pluralism. A Women of the Wall activist Anat Hoffman described how the group had negotiated with the Israeli government for three years before it «reneged» on the deal. Women of the Wall have staged monthly protests in the Old City since 1989. An order by the High Court of Justice ruled that female security officers were not allowed to search the women without suspecting a serious security threat, but despite this several were reportedly taken aside at the event, questioned and asked to lift their skirts and shirts before being allowed to enter the complex. Some women reportedly said they were delayed for up to 40 minutes. Security officers cordoned off the area where the women prayed and reportedly defused a potential volatile situation between the activists and an opposing group of woman protesters.

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