East Jerusalem: Palestinian housing crumbles due to Israeli excavation

Palestinian residents of an East Jerusalem neighbourhood were threatened with arrest by the Israeli Defence Forces on Tuesday after protesting in an attempt protect their homes against damage caused by a nearby excavation site. Israelis are excavating the three-millennia-old ‘City of David’ in the area close to the al-Aqsa mosque and the southern wall of the Old City. «No they don’t stop, and... Еще they won’t stop. This is what they want, they want us to leave our homes for them so they can do whatever they want,» Suraya Abu Rmieleh, a resident said. The digging is taking place underneath the Palestinian neighbourhood of Silvan and is causing serious structural damage to many of the homes and their foundations. At least 90 properties in Silvan are in danger of collapsing, including a mosque and a nursery.

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