East Jerusalem: Muslim worshippers pray outdoors as tensions over al-Aqsa mosque continue

W/S Worshippers prayingM/S Worshippers prayingC/U Worshippers prayingW/S Worshippers praying, bowingW/S Worshippers listening to chantsM/S Worshippers prayingM/S Worshippers prayingW/S Worshippers prayingM/S Worshippers prayingC/U Worshipper chanting, cryingM/S Worshippers prayingW/S Worshippers prayingM/S Worshippers chantingM/S Worshippers chantingW/S Worshippers praying, kneeling downW/S... Еще Worshippers praying, kneeling downW/S Worshippers prayingW/S Worshippers singingSCRIPTMuslim worshippers turned out to pray on the streets of East Jerusalem, Wednesday, as outdoor prayers continue and anger mounts after the introduction of security measures at the al-Aqsa compound by Israeli authorities.Metal detectors stationed at the al-Aqsa mosque compound entrances were removed on Monday, however Palestinian worshippers still protest ongoing security measures at the holy site.Violence has spread across Israel and Palestine, after Israeli officials installed, now removed, metal detectors and extra security cameras in the al-Aqsa compound following the shooting of two Israeli police officers at the site earlier this month in a gun-fight, in which three Arab-Israeli shooters were also killed. This has led to further clashes: three Palestinians died during confrontations with Israeli security forces on Friday, according to media reports; three Israelis were fatally stabbed at home in a West Bank settlement, and some 30 Palestinians conducting night-time prayer near the Lion's Gate were injured during scuffles with Israeli forces on Tuesday.

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