Drone captures beauty in decay of Soviet-era mortuary in Volzhsky

A 1950s mortuary that was left to fall into disrepair was captured by a drone in the town of Volzhsky, near Volgograd, on Monday, marking the twilight of its kind, as it is the last still standing in Russia. The building was constructed in the 1950s for the purpose of Volzhsky’s funerals. At one time, a number of similar mortuaries dotted the country. However, all but one have been either... Еще demolished or left to fall to ruin. The building remains a mystery, with no surviving documents to indicate who designed it, why it was built in a Grecian style or why it was closed. According to one version of events, the mortuary performed its last burial service in 1974, following a visit from a local member of the Soviet Union’s policymaking committee, who said it was too grand for such a small town. Local residents voted for the mortuary to become one of the ‘Seven Wonders of Volzhsky’ and now the structure is set to undergo restoration works.

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