Drive-thru-nerals!? Grieve on the move in Nagano

Funeral company Kankon Sousai Aichi in Japan's Nagano will offer a drive-thru service allowing the bereaved to give their final farewells without having to get out of their car starting in January, with footage from Thursday revealing how it will work. Like a fast-food drive-in, funeral attendees will pull up to a window where they can sign their name on a touch screen panel and hand over customary condolence money. They can also pay their respects to the deceased using an electronic incense-burning device. Inside the venue, the host of the ceremony and other funeralgoers will be able to monitor the drive-thru visitors. «What is new with this project is that it makes elderly people and people with disabilities able to go to the funeral hall and burn incense from the car for the soul of the deceased,» explained CEO Kenji Takehara.

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