Drive-in cinema in archaeological site offers a view of Mesoamerican pyramids from your car

Young entrepreneurs from Luna Autocinema have opened a drive-in cinema at the archaeological site of Teotihuacan, in central Mexico, as seen in footage from Friday, allowing movie-goers to enjoy breathtaking views of the site's pyramids while watching a film. «Because we are deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of Teotihuacan and we seek the possibility of being as close as possible to the archaeological zone,» said Luna Autocinema co-founder, Brenda Gil. «We dreamed that it would be interesting to put together entertainment spaces because apart from health issues, [people] sometimes develop emotional and physical issues for being in confinement for so long. We wanted to find an event that was attractive for people and that was in a touristic area,» she added. Even though Gil said the site they provide might not be as big as other drive-in cinemas, they decided to bet on the experience to draw audiences and are planning to make this project last as long as possible. Luna Autocinema opened its doors on July 17, with showings on weekends only for a maximum of 100 cars with up to five passengers.

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