Drink your face off! Cafe in Beijing duplicates selfies onto your brew

A new cafe in Beijing aspires to shake up the day-to-day routine of drinking coffee by printing your face on the foam, footage from Monday reveals. The cafe's customers are encouraged by the staff to take a selfie and then send it through a QR code to a printer that has the ability to duplicate their face on the coffee foam. According to Daoqi Yang, a surprised customer, baristas put all of... Еще their art in the making of the coffee «You can tell they put a lot of effort into their milk foam. It has a very smooth taste.» Lister Liu, the owner of the coffee place, explained how he wanted to take something so mundane and ordinary as a coffee and turn into an interactive experience. «People already drink it every day. However, unlike other chain stores, we want to provide a more unique, more interactive experience, which is why we came up with this print-your-own face idea,» Liu said.

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