Donut stop! California man eats 46 donuts in 8 min and wins top prize!

Twenty-seven-year-old Matt Stonie defended his champion title in the World Donut-Eating Championship after eating 46 glazed donuts in eight minutes, on Friday in San Diego. The fourth best in the Major League Eating ranking got down by two donuts compared to his victory in 2018. «I was going for 55, which was the world record, I didn't get the world record today but I've got the belt, I've got... Еще the title, so I am happy with that,» said Stonie, who also got a thousand-dollar prize. His strongest rival in the competition, top-ranked competitive eater Miki Sudo, ate 41 and a half donuts. «I just ran out of coffee at one point and I was a little bit stressed out so I was a little bit frustrated about that but I am just happy to be part of this day,» she said. The contest was held on the National Donut Day and organized by the Salvation Army on the USS Midway military ship. The event aimed at raising funds for military veterans throughout Southern California.

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