Dominican Republic: Voters go to the polls in repeated municipal elections after disastrous previous attempt

Dominicans went to the polls on Sunday for the second time in a month to finally complete the process of their municipal elections. More than seven million Dominicans are eligible to vote to elect 3,849 positions across all 158 municipalities. Interviews with voters highlighted more trust and respect for the old-fashioned ballot voting system. «We have not seen what we saw the other time, vote... Еще-buying and such, that is, everything normal, it seems to me that the process with the concept of ballot elections is more important, clearer and more transparent than the process with those electronic devices,» one local explained. The general feeling among the locals was one of a desire for fairness. «People can exercise their right to vote, which is what we all want, and that the one with the most votes wins, and the one who brings the most people wins, and the one that people decide should be the winner wins,» another voter explained during an interview. The vote finally went ahead after the calamity that took place in their first attempt on February 16. The electoral board was forced to suspend the nationwide elections after four hours due to an error in the new electronic voting system. It was reported that the electronic voting system errors were hampering two-thirds of potential voters. The suspension led to two weeks of protests in the Dominican Republic with locals accusing the government of vote tampering. This was not the first time the country has struggled with electronic voting. During the 2016 presidential election, it took the government 13 days to finally release the results due to an error in the electronic voting system.

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