Domestic disputes! Wife-carrying champs held once again in Finland

SOT, Dianne, participant: «Yes, let's do it.» The Wife-Carrying World Championship was held once again in Sonkajarvi on Saturday, seeing husband and wife teams compete for the sport's highest honour. The contestants raced each other over a 253.5 metre (831.60 feet) obstacle course, in which husbands wade through water and clamber over hurdles while carrying their wives. This year winner's... Еще were the six time world champion Taisto Miettinen and his new partner Pinja. Finland's wife-carrying tradition most likely goes back to folklore from the 19th century. One theory suggests that it dates back to the legend of 'Ronkainen the Robber' who used to test aspiring gang members by making them carry sacks of corn or animals over a similar obstacle course. Another theory is that wife-carrying descended from wife-stealing.

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