Disposable 3D-printed surgical instruments poised to revolutionise medical world

Surgical instruments produced via 3D printing may soon replace steel ones in less economically developed areas of the globe, as their creators suggest. Among other advantages, the tools can lower the risk of surgical infection and can be handy for use in war zones. The surgical implements were filmed at a studio in the Greek city of Thessaloniki, in footage published on Friday. The tools are... Еще said to be used in the training of medical students in a course provided by the Scientific Society of Hellenic Medical Students. Though the creators say they are not the first to introduce the 3D-printed surgical instruments, they hope they will become more widespread in the future, adding that their 3D-printed tools are coated with silver antimicrobial nanoparticles meaning they don't need sterilisation. Petros Mpaggeas, a surgeon and an inventor claims that because of this special coating that prevents bacteria from attaching to the instruments, his invention will help lower the risk of surgical infections. «These tools can be used in wars, in massive disasters, in Africa, generally in the third world, which we consider very important, especially the fact that these tools do not even need sterilisation,» Mpaggeas stated. In case the tool is not disposed of sterilisation can be performed up to 10 times. Another advantage of the technology is its price — the printing of a surgical hook costs 1/14 of the price of a classic steel version, according to the inventors.

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