Disabled Russian woman finds happiness with husband and family

Despite all strokes of misfortune, Darima Rabdanova, a disabled Russian woman found a way to be happy and shared her against-all-odds story in the Russian city of Ulan-Ude on Tuesday, February 20. Born a dwarf and standing at one metre tall, Darima Rabdanova has always endured hardships and fallen victim to various forms of bullying. During her childhood, she said, «Children mocked me, stole... Еще food from me and flicked me.» «Once, when I was walking in the 18th district, children surrounded me. A lot of children surrounded me and started to bully me, seeking to beat me,» she shared one of her past stories recalling all the bullying she had to endure. Even becoming older, the woman's life did not get easier and life kept testing her. When she got pregnant for the first time, doctors did not let her keep it because of morning sickness. Nobody told her that the disease can be cured. «After that, after the abortion, I started to blame myself because God gave me [a child], but I failed to take [this gift],» said Rabdanova bursting into tears. The resistant forty-year-old woman however, has finally managed to find her happy family. She has been married for five years to her husband, Gasar. «Together we make one whole. He is my arms and legs, and I am his head,» she said mentioning that her husband suffers from sclerosis. The loving couple are bringing up a daughter, Anastasia who is also not an ordinary child. She has had cerebral palsy since being born. However, there is hope for recovery, Darima said.

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