Disabled boy rides bike with cousin thanks to local blacksmith

Eleven-year-old Simon Lunari from Laboulaye managed to ride a bike together with his wheelchair-bound cousin, Lisandro Sona, Tuesday, thanks to the work of a local blacksmith. Lisandro was born with spina bifida, but Simon wanted to go out on rides with his cousin. «We were raised as brothers and we lived life almost together,» Simon explained. Wanting his cousin to see the funner sides of life... Еще, he concocted an idea, which he proposed to the local blacksmith, Ariel Birche. «They came, and they proposed an idea with a sketch of something they wanted to do. And based on that idea, I started to search online and I found something similar to what we did,» Birche confirmed. When the bike was complete, it was a shock to the boys, especially Lisandro. «The first time I saw the bicycle, I felt a mixture of excitement and surprise,» he recalled, because I thought that idea had been forgotten.» Quite the contrary, thanks to the craftwork and ingenuity of Birche, the cousins were able to enjoy a bike trip out to get some food. Lisandro can now travel a lot more quickly and plans to use the bike for trips into town.

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