Die Linke reacts to exit poll results: The Grand Coalition has been defeated

The Die Linke party reacted to the first German federal election exit poll results, at their headquartes in Berlin, on Sunday. Matthias Hoehn, Die Linke Campaign Manager said: «This electoral result is a breaking point for the Federal Republic of Germany. And after this campaign, I want to say this also to the journalists here, we have to ask ourselves how did we get to this result. The Grand... Еще Coalition has been defeated». Sahra Wagenknecht, a Die Linke Candidate, said that they will remain the «social» opposition and «the party of peace, and we will fight for this in the next legislative period so that we will be stronger every time.» Eric Janno, a Die Linke Member, added: «I'm [feeling] deceived and angry, as everyone else in this place I had hoped for a better result, but especially for a worse result for the AfD.» According to the exit poll, as was forecast, Angela Merkel's CDU/CSU will remain Germany's largest party with 32 percent and its main opposition, the Social Democrats led by Martin Schultz, managed a 20 percent share. However, both under-performed compared to pre-election polls. Die Linke now has 9 percent.

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