Death-defying trial biking champ explains how he survived WWI bomb scare

You would have thought the most dangerous part of a pro trial biker's job would be falling off ledges, losing their balance or high-speed crashes. But as current champion in the Urban Cycling World Championship Sergi Llongueras explained in Orrius, Barcelona on Thursday, exploding bombs also come into the equation. Together with his friends, Sergi went for a holiday in the Dolomites range in... Еще north-eastern Italy, where the high peaks were an area of fierce mountain warfare during World War One. The young people decided to visit a cave that turned out to be the site of an unexploded bomb. «We didn't know whether it was going to explode or not, but a rock moved and fell over an explosive and it was just next to my friend,» Sergi recalls. Sergi says he suffered minor wounds on his arm and face, while his friend was badly injured. He continued: «I was lucky because after a week I could be back on the training. But my friend was injured worse, so he had to spend like three months off the bike.» Sergi also suffered four sports injuries and underwent knee surgery at the beginning of 2019 before the bomb scare. «I started the year with a pretty bad knee injury and I had to go through surgery. And during the whole of 2019, I've been fighting against pain and a lot of hard things.» However, he didn't let that detract him from his overall ambition of becoming UCI Trials World Champion, a title he claimed the very same year. «When I became World champion this year, it was the best feeling of my life, I think because it's a huge satisfaction after all the work from not only the last year but all my career to finish in that point. It's not the finish point but it's like the main goal I had.» You can check out even more of Sergi's amazing skills on his Instagram page: @sergi.llongueras

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