Dead animals dressed up in costumes for ‘Tosantos’ festival in Cadiz

Citizens from Cadiz in southwestern Spain dressed up dead animals including pigs and fish and put them on display, Monday, for the 'Tosantos' (All Saints) festival, one day before the country's 'Day of the Dead' celebrations. Window displays and market stalls were decorated for the Municipal Market Stall Adornment Competition which awards prizes every year in the following categories: «Meat... Еще», «Fish», «Fruit», «Vegetables» and «Miscellaneous». «Every year there are less shops doing it but we still come every year to see it, [there are] long queues to see the Tosantos,» said Cadiz resident Alba Gil. The event also included talks, audiovisuals and food samples as people gathered to admire the dressed up animals, fish and vegetables.

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