DC deli's 'Pina Kamala' and 'Trumpkin Spice Latte' cocktails-to-go put lighter spin on US elections

When it comes to surviving coronavirus restrictions and keeping up with the ever changing news cycle, Washington DC's Capo Italian Deli has few peers. The establishment made headlines as they rolled out a series of cocktails served in plastic pouches, each bearing the namesake of US presidential candidates and their running mates, and unique corresponding flavours. The pouched cocktails could be seen on full display at the DC deli on Monday. Employees were spotted bagging and labelling them as well. «Right now I think the Pina Kamala is the most popular, it was one of the earlier ones that came out, plus it has a really catchy name, and so that helps a lot. The branding on these definitely helped carry us through this,» explained Capo Deli's beverage director and mastermind behind the drinks, Rohit Malholtra. He went on to say he believed there was a «strong» correlation between the Pina Kamala's popularity and that of the candidate herself, saying «she did go to college locally around here, so I think that helps a lot, so I think she has a particularly strong following here in Washington DC.» Washington DC's Capo Italian Deli had already made a name for themselves and their cocktails-to-go earlier in year, when, amid the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, they were forced to cease admissions to their speakeasy. As Malholtra explained, the establishment's management had to make their menu entirely for takeaway, and came up with the idea of the «Fauci Pouchy.» The drinks were served with a variety of flavours and bore the image of now ubiquitous Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci. As for the future of the cocktails, what with the election just one day away, «we are going to see how this election plays out, and then we are going to play it by ear from there. I mean the news cycle is ever changing, so I think we are going to play off that, for the most part,» Malholtra said.

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