Daredevil Nik Wallenda walks tightrope over Nicaragua's 'Mouth of Hell' volcano

US daredevil and high wire artist Nik Wallenda walked on a tightrope over Nicaragua's active Masaya Volcano, known as the 'Mouth of Hell,' on Wednesday. The 41 year-old American acrobat traversed the 548 metre (1,800 feet) highwire above the volcanic crater in 31 minutes, while wearing a mask to protect himself from the toxic gases emitted by the lava lake boiling below him. Masaya Volcano... Еще, which is roughly 20 kilometres (12 miles) from Nicaragua's capital Managua, is one of just eight in the world with an active lava lake. Wallenda's wife Erendira also performed some death-defying stunts above the volcano, including dangling by just her teeth. Nik is a seventh generation member of the famous acrobat family also known as The Flying Wallendas. Mandatory on screen credit: “VOLCANO LIVE! WITH NIK WALLENDA/DICK CLARK PRODUCTIONS/ABC”; NO SOCIAL MEDIA/FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY

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