Daredevil amazes St. Petersburg with TIGHTROPE WALK over Neva River

Tightrope walker Rasul Abakarov amazed the citizens of St. Petersburg with his daredevil walk on a high wire over the Neva River, strung between both ends of an open drawbridge — the Palace Bridge — on Saturday night, to mark City Day. St. Petersburg's City Day 2018 marks the anniversary of the founding of the city 315 years ago on May 27. Shortly after the daredevil performance, Abakarov told... Еще journalists that the risky idea was born when he was stuck on one of the St. Petersburg's islands as the bridge opened. Abakarov added that his family hails from the Russian south-eastern village of Tsovkra — an ancient village of tightrope-walkers.

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