Dancing on a grave! Remains of possible Napoleon comrade found under former Smolensk dance area

The remains of what could be comrade general Charles-Étienne Gudin de La Sablonnière, a comrade of French Emperor Napoleon, were discovered during an archaeological excavation in Smolensk’s central park, as shown in footage filmed on Wednesday. The remains, reportedly, show that one leg was missing, while the other was injured, consistent with the historical record of Gudin’s death. Gudin was... Еще struck by a cannonball during the battle of Valutino in 1812, where he fought against Russian troops, and died on the battlefield. During the Soviet times, a dancing area was located in the park over the current excavation site. Many generations of Smolensk residents had no idea they were literally dancing on Gudin’s grave. The Archaeological expedition was organised by French scientist Pierre Malinowski who plans to present the results to Russian Presidents Vladimir Putin and French President Emmanuel Macron if DNA testing confirms the authenticity of general Guden's remains.

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