Czech Republic: 'It's not funny' — Weary voters cast ballots in Czech parliamentary election

Voters in Prague expressed their fears and concerns about their country's future, as almost half of the Czech Republic's electorate hit the polls on Friday in the country's parliamentary elections. The voting continues till 2 pm Saturday. According to the polls, the ANO ('Yes') part, led by MP and entrepreneur Andrej Babis, is poised to win the elections with more than 25 percent of votes... Еще. Martin, a voter, expressed his concerns saying, «This election can change this country on principle. I don´t fear any totalitarity but the attack on democratic institutions which can happen after the election can be huge.» He followed, «We don´t know how this will end. But it's not funny.» Another voter, Ondrej, said that «some people can see behind the borders of their town but don´t look behind the borders of the republic. They don´t see the issues of rest of the world, Europe.» Local media has reported that Babis is the second-richest man in the country, owning a wide range of daily and online newspapers. Several European leaders have expressed their worries that in the case of Babis' winning the elections, he may lead the Czech Republic to a more authoritarian style of government. Earlier in October, Slovakia's constitutional court resumed an investigation on whether Babis collaborated with the Czechoslovakia communist-era secret police (StB). Babis, who was born in Slovakia, claims that he never worked as an agent for the StB.

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