Czech Republic: Drahos thanks supporters in presidential run-off

Independent presidential candidate Jiri Drahos advanced to the second round of Czech presidential election that took place on Saturday after receiving 26.3% of the votes. Drahos thanked his supporters who had gathered in the election headquarters at La Fabrica club in Prague, saying that the runoff against the incumbent President Milos Zeman will be the «most difficult», however, he placed his... Еще hope in his countrymen «who wants change». «Come and vote,» urged Drahos, adding «it won't be pointless.» Voter turnout was 61%. A pro-European independent candidate and former head of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Drahos, 68, will now challenge Zeman in the second round of the Czech elections that will take place on January 26-27. Leading pre-election polls called 73-year-old incumbent President Milos Zeman, who is a harsh critic of the EU immigration policy, the favourite over eight other candidates in the in the 2018 presidential campaign, however, noting that he would not be able to avoid face-to-face rivalry with Jiri Drahos in the second round.

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