Cyprus: Apollon manager lauds team's 'winning spirit' after victory over Lazio

Apollon Limassol manager Perclis Papapanagi praised his team's 'winning spirit' during a post-match press conference in Nicosia on Thursday, after beating the Italian club Lazio in the Europe League. «I would like to congratulate our players. I think that apart from the tactical aspect in which they excelled — against a high-quality team — they also had a winning spirit,» said Papapanagi... Еще. «They managed to assert themselves and win quite a few battles on quite a difficult field. This game couldn't have been won differently, if apart from whatever technical instructions, our players didn't have soul,» he added. Meanwhile, Lazio manager Simone Inzaghi acknowledged that his side «could have done better,” adding that they were «a bit too precipitous in the decisions.» The match ended in a 2:0 victory for the home side Apollon Limassol. Despite losing, Lazio qualified for the knockout phase of the tournament.

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