Cute fruit! These tiny baby watermelons will revolutionise your lunchbox

If you had to criticise the watermelon, you might be hard pushed to find fault in the magnificent fruit. However, one particular trait does tend to weigh down the summer snack; it's size. Luckily, one farm in Chongqing has been busy solving the problem of the watermelon's dimensions by growing what are being billed as the world's smallest watermelons, with each mini-mouthful measuring around the... Еще same size of a coin. Showing off the cute-fruit from nearby Chendu, Thursday, one expert taster stated that the new snack is «more sour» and «tastes like tomatoes» compared to regular watermelon. The so-called 'thumb watermelon' is originally from South America and also goes by the name of 'cucamelon', with its insides resembling a cucumber.

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