Cuba: Washington's decision to pull diplomats from Havana 'hasty' — Cuban Foreign Ministry

Director General of the US Division at the Cuban Foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Josefina Vidal, called the US decision to withdraw up to 60 percent of its diplomatic personnel from Cuba «hasty», when speaking from Havana on Friday. Washington's decision comes following mysterious «sonic attacks» that have left 21 US diplomats and their family members ill. Vidal stressed that the Cuban... Еще foreign ministry advised US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson «not to take any hasty decisions,» «urged him not to politicise a matter of this nature» and «reiterated the request for effective cooperation with US authorities in order to bring closure to the ongoing investigation on the alleged incidents with US diplomats in Havana.» Vidal argued that Cuba has «no responsibility» over the alleged «sonic attacks.» She went on to note «Cuba's willingness to continue an active cooperation» with the US, noting that Washington's decision would affect bilateral relations between the two countries. Since late last year, US diplomats and their families have suffered a variety of physical symptoms including brain damage and hearing loss as a result of what's been described as «health attacks.'' US investigators have yet been unable to determine the causes of the attacks as well as who is behind them, however, it is believed that the victims could have been affected by some sort of sonic device.


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