Cuba: US delegates visit Havana over alleged attacks

A delegation of US lawmakers visited the US Embassy in Havana on Wednesday, to discuss with Cuban authorities the alleged attacks on US diplomats and their families last year. The visit comes in the run-up to a State Department deadline set for March 4th, when it will be decided whether or not the State Department will return embassy staff who left the country last year after reports of... Еще diplomats and their families falling mysteriously ill. The visiting representatives included Senator for Michigan Gary Peters, Senator for Vermont Patrick Leahy, Senator for Oregon Ron Wyden and Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts Jim McGovern. “Too long our policy to Cuba has been gotten by paranoia and suspicion, as well as being informed, I believe in the irrational by the US domestic politics” McGovern said. “We need to learn from our history, 50 years of hostility and estrangement was bad for the United States and was bad for Cuba”, he added. “I think what we have done as members, we are back to trying to bring about the kind of cooperation between our two countries that was envisioned between President Obama and President Castro”, Leahy said. The speakers then confirmed during the press conference that the US and Cuban authorities had conducted a joint investigation into the «sonic» attacks which affected US diplomats.

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