Cuba: US acoustic attack hearing 'unacceptable' — Foreign Ministry

A US Senate hearing on alleged 'acoustic attacks' on American diplomats in the Cuba was 'unacceptable' according to its Director General for the US Division at the Cuban Foreign Ministry in Havana on Tuesday. Josefina Vidal rejected any responsibility over the events and its only purpose was to impose an accusation without evidence. «It was made clear that the true purpose of this meeting, to... Еще which three high-ranking officials of the State Department were called, was not to establish the truth, but to impose an accusation by force and without any evidence that they have not been able to demonstrate,» said Vidal. «The great victim of today's hearing has been the truth», Vidal said, adding that «the irresponsible statements made by the Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs of the Department of State Francisco Palmieri during the hearing are unacceptable». Since November 2016, US diplomats and their families have reported to be suffering a variety of physical symptoms including brain damage and hearing loss as a result of what's been described as 'acoustic attacks' while in Cuba. US investigators have been unable to determine the cause of the attacks or who is behind them, however, it is believed that the victims could have been affected by some sort of sonic device.

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