Cuba: Mogherini rejects US blockade on Cuba

European Union (EU) High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini criticised the US blockade against Cuba on Wednesday, during a speech at the University of Havana. “We reject the North American sanctions against your citizens, companies and European interests. We cannot accept unilateral measures that impede or restrict our economic and commercial relations with Cuba”, affirmed... Еще Mogherini. “The only effect of the blockade is to worsen the quality of life of Cuban women, men and children. The blockade is obsolete, it’s illegal, and the European Union will continue working to end it”, she added. The EU High Representative spoke about the importance of dialogue between the EU and Cuba, which “allows us to discuss the human rights situation in both Europe and in Cuba, and while there are differences in our respective points of view, the openness and willingness to discuss with mutual respect, is always there.»

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