Cuba: Mariela Castro leads LGBT parade in Havana

Daughter of former Cuban President Raul Castro and LGBT activist Mariela Castro led an anti-homophobia parade in Havana on Saturday. Shouting LGBT pride slogans, hundreds of people marched along one of Havana's main avenues, headed by Castro, who has for years led campaigns in a bid to promote LGBT rights in Cuba. «What we're doing is part of the Communist Party's policies. We're working along... Еще with the State, the party and civil society to educate the Cuban people and transform their conscience in order to advance in this field of rights,» Castro said. The parade was also attended by Chilean actress Daniela Vega, as well as lawmakers from Uruguay and Argentina. Castro is the director of the Cuban National Centre for Sex Education and has promoted the recognition of full rights for LGBT people in Cuba for years.

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