Cuba: Lat. American leaders urge to 'topple' right-wing as Sao Paulo Forum draws to a close

Leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean commended the unity among their countries and paid tribute to late Cuban President Fidel Castro, at Sao Paolo Forum in Havana on Tuesday. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who spoke at the summit, urged to «denounce» and «topple» the right-wing in Latin America. His Cuban counterpart Miguel Diaz-Canel stressed that «we have the duty to defend our... Еще America. Today unity is necessary to achieve an common vision on our problems and possible solutions based on a continental consensus.» The event has brought together some 600 delegates and guests from leftist parties, organisations and social movements from across Latin America and the Caribbean. The forum was first launched in 1990 by Brazil's Workers' Party in Sao Paulo.

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