Cuba: Ghost town paralysed decades after Soviet nuclear project collapse

Located in the central province of Cienfuegos, 260 kilometres (161 miles) south of the Cuban capital of Havana on the Caribbean coast lies the Ciudad Nuclear, a ghost town built around an unfinished nuclear plant, as shown in footage filmed on Tuesday. In 1976, the Cuban leader Fidel Castro signed a deal with the Soviet Union to build a twin reactor nuclear plant, Juragua, for the island to... Еще produce its own energy, at the same time a housing project for the workers started in the Nuclear City. «When the project was paralysed all of us thought about what the country's fate would be because back then we depended on the Soviet Union,» remembers Ciudad resident, Elsa Sanchez. Work began in 1983, but after problems were encountered by Cuban engineers, Russians took over the project in the early 1990s. However in 1992, following the fall of the Soviet Union, the construction was suspended. «The day it was announced that the project would be stopped was a cloudy and rainy afternoon,» the founder and civil engineer of Ciudad Nuclear Omar Garcia remembers. «All of us here identified with this project, it was hard to process the news on why this important project ceased to exist.» During construction over 10,000 workers, engineers and architects worked at the site and today over 7,000 people still remain and work in Ciudad Nuclear and Cienfuegos.

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